1. Spring has arrived and with that comes peak home buying season. It’s the busiest time for homebuyers, as people come out of their winter hibernation and start exploring what’s available on the market. Prices are climbing, inventory is moving quickly Since spring is such a magnet for interested homebuyers, competition is fierce. Inventory, or the […]
  2. Ask 10 people what they think a credit union is and you’re likely to get 10 different answers. The most common response is that a credit union is “like a bank, only smaller,” which would make any credit union evangelist cringe. In reality, credit unions aren’t necessarily smaller than banks (just ask Navy Federal Credit Union), […]
  3. Our attitude toward saving money compares with our attitude toward eating healthier. We know that we should do it, but it’s not a priority. But when it comes to savings,  it’s often more an issue of not knowing how to save and where to start. This is where a savings plan points you in the […]
    Sep 12, 2017
    4 min read