1. We all know that saving money is the best way to gain financial independence. But knowing what’s good for us doesn’t always mean that we’ll follow, as recent data on American’s savings habits shows. According to a 2017 GoBanking Rates survey, 57% of Americans had less than $1,000 in a savings account, while 39% had no […]
  2. Vantage West member Tony Terry Jr.—founder of the Gaslight Theatre and its family of sister companies—built an efficient operation designed for family fun. Here’s how he grew his business and why he still loves every second of it. Most people wouldn’t move to a remote Alaskan town to establish a live theater company. But Tony […]
  3. Within nine years, the majority of workers in the U.S. are expected to earn money as independent contractors. Freelance work is a trend that won’t stop anytime soon. Freelancing by the numbers 57 million Americans already earn money online and elsewhere as freelancers, according to Edelman Intelligence, a research firm commissioned by Upwork and Freelancers Union. Nearly 20 million […]
  4. It’s a clear, sunny, typical Saturday in Tucson, Arizona, as vendors set up their tents along 4th Avenue. The Street Fair doesn’t begin for another hour, so the crowds haven’t formed quite yet. A lanky man with long dreadlocks stands along the side of the scene, reciting a poem to himself. The words are rhythmic, […]
  5. Ask 10 people what they think a credit union is and you’re likely to get 10 different answers. The most common response is that a credit union is “like a bank, only smaller,” which would make any credit union evangelist cringe. In reality, credit unions aren’t necessarily smaller than banks (just ask Navy Federal Credit Union), […]
  6. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum became the craze of 2017. The value of Bitcoin grew by more than 1,200% last year, while lesser-known cryptocurrencies like Ripple jumped by 35,000% in 2017. Yes, you’re reading those numbers right. According to Reuters, this means if you invested $100 in Ripple at the beginning of 2017, your investment […]
  7. In Arizona, snowbirds are as common as cacti and gorgeous sunsets. But becoming a snowbird is more complicated than just buying a second home and spending your winters sunbathing by the pool. The two-household lifestyle demands some compromises. Here are some of the issues and costs to explore if you’re thinking about making the switch […]
    Jan 17, 2018
    5 min read