Vantage West volunteer and executive leadership have together begun the process of modernizing the credit union’s governance and election structure. Legacy members of the Board of Directors have helped launch the first steps of this modernization process. Please read the Letter to the Membership for details.

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About the Board of Directors

Vantage West’s Board of Directors consists of seven Directors who serve three-year terms. When these terms expire, the Board holds an election for those seats, whereby Directors are elected by and from the membership.

The Board plays a crucial role in assuring Vantage West’s longevity. Directors should have professional experience and be able to contribute leadership, knowledge, and ideas with a passion to see that the credit union operates in the best interest of its members. Directors possess integrity, the ability to speak frankly, make sound judgments, and participate with fellow Directors and credit union executives. They must commit time, including (but not limited to) attending monthly meetings, annual planning sessions, training courses or conferences (sometimes requiring travel), and networking events. Board members must also become CUNA certified or equivalent at the basic level within designated time frames.

Five voting members and two alternate members comprise Vantage West’s Supervisory Committee. The group is appointed by the Board and functions independently to safeguard the assets of Vantage West and its members. The Supervisory Committee also performs audits of our financial statements each year to ensure accurate record keeping. Members of the Supervisory Committee possess integrity as well as the ability to speak frankly and make sound judgments. They should also be able to dedicate time for meetings, training events, and conferences (sometimes involving travel).

Applications from members interested in a 2018 appointment to the Supervisory Committee are also being accepted.